Eviction Innovations

This site profiles current initiatives to address the eviction crisis across the United States.

It is aimed at policymakers, organizers, researchers, and others who are interested in what communities around the U.S. are doing.

Responses profiled have goals ranging from preventing evictions to mitigating their disastrous consequences and are focused at the local, state, and national levels.

We are currently facing a nationwide eviction crisis, but efforts to address it remain largely disconnected.

Across the country, communities, cities, and states are investing in new policies, services, and technologies.

Gathering and making information about these innovations accessible can fuel effective, evidence-based responses.


Explore the innovations being launched across the country.


Learn how to measure impact and what evidence there already is about what works.


Share the programs that you know about and find others to connect with.

Eviction system interventions

Tenant Education in Tucson RENT Project
The RENT Project offers tenant education workshops in Pima County, Arizona. Volunteer …
Online Legal Self-Help in Boston
MADE is an online tool to let tenants produce eviction pleadings if …
Eviction Summons Redesign in Cincinnati, OH
A team of court officials, self-help lawyers, and university researchers redesigned the …
Eviction Diversion Program in Durham, NC
This program provides individuals facing eviction with free advice and support, ranging …
Eviction Prevention in Syracuse, NY
The City of Syracuse Department of Neighborhood and Business Development invested in …
Eviction Diversion Program in Richmond, VA
The Eviction Diversion program provides tenants who have received an unlawful detainer …
Map of eviction interventions, to address the eviction crisis.
We have been mapping out the interventions that are being piloted + proposed at different phases of the eviction system. Explore them in more depth at our Innovations page.

Tell us about an eviction program

We are looking for detailed descriptions of programs that address the eviction crisis. Do you run such a program, or know of one? Please let us know!