Find tools, worksheets, guides, and examples here to use when working on eviction prevention in your region.

Use the social media toolkit

The Stanford Legal Design Lab has a free social media toolkit for a nonprofit or government agency to use with eviction prevention outreach.

How-To Toolkits on ERAP & Eviction Prevention

image overview of Emergency Rent Assistance toolkit

The Emergency Rental Assistance Toolkit is a 12-part series of how-to guides for making more impactful, equitable, and accessible Emergency Rental Assistance Programs. The ERA Toolkit was made by the National League of Cities and Stanford Legal Design Lab, based on their technical assistance and research with cities across the US.

Recent resources posts

  • Housing Justice Narrative Toolkit
    The PolicyLink group released a toolkit for groups working on improving housing in the US, that helps them tell more persuasive and engaging narratives. The Narrative Toolkit covers topics that communities can use like: Find the Housing Justice Narrative Toolkit here, for more guidance and resources.
  • Service Mapping all eviction prevention resources in a region
    Are you working on building a better coalition of services for tenants at risk of eviction, or who have recently been evicted? You may try a 1-2 hour Service Mapping exercise to build a better regional coalition & establish a resource directory that different legal, financial, housing, and government groups can use to connect people … Read more
  • Eviction Diversion through ERAP models from Dept. of Treasury
    How can your region using emergency rent relief to effectively reduce evictions & their harm? This strategy model lays out the steps you can take to go from beginner to advanced in your programs.
  • Using Data to understand your local eviction landscape
    Do you want to understand what’s going on with eviction in your region? Use this worksheet to understand your data, your dynamics, and what’s possible to prevent evictions.
  • Eviction Prevention: A Guide for Local Governments
    The National League of Cities and the Legal Design Lab have a new report out: Eviction Prevention: A Guide for Local Governments. This report was released in January 2022, and it helps local coalitions establish new eviction prevention measures that can help increase access to justice and stop housing instability. This report can be used … Read more

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