Social Media Outreach toolkit for eviction prevention

Use this free toolkit to reach out to the public about eviction diversion programs, legal help, emergency rental assistance, and other key info about housing.

If you’re looking to improve outreach about eviction prevention, emergency rental assistance, or other resources, please use our Social Media for Eviction Prevention Toolkit.  

This is a project of Stanford Legal Design Lab, produced originally for the Eviction Prevention Learning Lab.

The toolkit has clear guidance, links to free images & templates you can use, and specifications your team can follow to get more posts, videos, and engagement on key platforms where your audience is.

The eviction prevention social media toolkit includes the following resources:

  1. Account/Platform list
  2. Visuals & Language Content Prep
    1. Post templates
      How to use Canva
      How to edit the eviction help post templates
      Free eviction help post templates
    2. Language & Style Sheet
    3. Images and Illustrations to use
  3. Content & Engagement Prep
    1. Stories or grid posts? When to use what?!
      Stories, highlights, fleeting posts
      Permanent grid posts
    2. Calls-to-Action content
    3. FAQ content
    4. Step-by-Step walkthrough
    5. Interactive quizzes and events
    6. Answering People’s Real Questions
  4. Amplify Your Content’s Reach
    1. Use a social media management platform
  5. Track Engagement & Demographic Analytics

The Toolkit can help your team get set up on the right platforms, create content that’s in the right language & with engaging visuals, and make sure that it’s reaching the people it’s intended for.

The toolkit also includes links to free-to-use repositories of social media templates, images, and illustrations for people working on non-profit, public interest legal help online. Visit the Toolkit to find the links, templates, and resources.

For example, here are Canva templates you can use for free to get started on eviction help outreach. The Toolkit will talk you through how to use them.

Poster/Flier template on Canva: 

Facebook templates for post series on Canva: 

Instagram templates for post series on Canva: