News on eviction innovation

This page features updates and articles about what is happening in eviction policy, services, and technology. This includes work that the Eviction Prevention Learning Lab is doing — including quarterly resource digests.

Eviction settlement terms that amount to civil probation

Professor Nicole Summers has spotlighted the phenomenon that arises out of housing court settlements: “civil probation”. Drawn by Margaret Hagan, based on Nicole Summers presentation at the American Bar Foundation (2022) Many eviction cases end in settlements as opposed to court orders. Summers has been studying what is inside these settlements, and has found that…

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Advancing eviction data work

New America is leading a national network of agencies, research labs, courts, and nonprofits improve the landscape of eviction data. Policymakers and service providers need better data about what kinds of evictions are being filed, what happens to the cases, what happens to the people, and where these evictions are happening. Who are some of…

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How can text messages help prevent evictions?

By Sarah Verschoor, originally published on Legal Design & Innovation During many evictions, tenants & service providers face a troubling paradox. Just when a tenant is most at risk of eviction — and most in need of legal, financial, and housing services — this is when it is most difficult for service-providers to engage with…

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