Landlords in Eviction Prevention

Landlords and property managers play a crucial role in eviction prevention. Their strategies and decisions control whether and how tenants are evicted.

The Urban Institute has a bulletin with 5 strategies for how landlords can help prevent evictions.

The piece by Abby Boshart and Kathryn Reynolds presents five detailed strategies for landlords, in order to increase housing stability and prevent harmful evictions. The 5 strategies include:

  1. Remove barriers for tenants in their housing search and use transparent processes when establishing tenancy. 
  2. Use clear, accessible, and equitable communication through all stages of tenancy.
  3. Proactively connect tenants to resources and encourage communities of support. 
  4. Allow flexibility in terms, processes, and payments for renters to reduce the likelihood of eviction. 
  5. Commit to procedures that prioritize eviction diversion in the case of non-payment or late payment. 

The piece details each of these 5 landlord-focused strategies. It also contextualizes these 5 strategies in a more detailed PDF report for rental housing owners.

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