City-Court Partnership plan template

Are you trying to involve your local courts in regional eviction prevention efforts? Use this template to guide you through how to find the right contacts and be prepared to engage the court effectively.

We have had many requests in the Eviction Prevention Learning Lab, about how city and nonprofit agencies can build partnerships with the local courts around eviction prevention.

Our EPLL team distilled the key guidance & steps we’ve heard from our guest speakers from courts across the country, as well as tenant advocates, landlord associations, and local government officials who have developed successful partnerships.

This blueprint should guide a strategic conversation or design workshop with local stakeholders. What are the messages, research, events, and outreach your regional agencies & groups should be doing — to involve the court in eviction prevention? This blueprint walks you through these 4 areas:

  1. How to Speak the Court’s Language, so you know how they talk about evictions, what their court structure is, and what policies they have in place
  2. Do Your Own Research to gather performance data about the court and eviction prevention, including data about the amount of filings, the day-to-day of housing court, and what current programs are in place
  3. Building Court Contacts, Running Workshops, and Holding Events that can find the right partners and strengthen them
  4. Send the Right Messages about eviction prevention, to demonstrate to the court the value of this work for their priorities & limitations
Blueprint for a strategy session on building a strong court partnership for eviction prevention

Pdf version of the court partnership blueprint

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