Eviction Prevention: A Guide for Local Governments

The National League of Cities and the Legal Design Lab have a new report out: Eviction Prevention: A Guide for Local Governments.

This report was released in January 2022, and it helps local coalitions establish new eviction prevention measures that can help increase access to justice and stop housing instability.

This report can be used by city governments, advocates, foundations, courts, legal aid groups, universities, and others who want to work on preventing eviction.

Some key things to learn in the report:

  • What early steps cities should take to understand their eviction landscape, map their local eviction process, develop the necessary data infrastructure and establish key partnerships
  • Guidance on how to develop a coordinated plan of action and prevention strategy that is tailored to community needs and engages key stakeholders
  • How to center racial equity in both strategy development and program implementation in order to tackle racial inequities embedded in the housing system
  • Case studies and recommendations for developing and funding eviction prevention programs, policies and tactics that can be enacted at the local level in both the short- and long-term

Does your city or region have a local coalition working on eviction prevention or housing stability? This free guide can help you to follow best practices. And it can help you to establish this kind of working group, if you don’t have one already.


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