Eviction Diversion through ERAP models from Dept. of Treasury

How can your region using emergency rent relief to effectively reduce evictions & their harm? This strategy model lays out the steps you can take to go from beginner to advanced in your programs.

Are you planning out an eviction prevention strategy? The US Department of Treasury has published a ‘maturity model’ that can help you set up a framework that fits your region’s current status.

This strategy work is mainly focused on using Emergency Rental Assistance Programs (ERAP) to divert landlords & tenants away from eviction. It is less focused on other kinds of eviction situations.

You can start with the earlier strategies & practices, and then move to more advanced ones as you get more ‘mature’ in your development.

Strategies for eviction diversion & ERAP

  1. First see what point your regional network is at. Are you at the starting point? Or more of a mature place?

2. Then look into specific kinds of interventions to see what you can be doing:

  • New resources and programs
  • Tenant outreach and support
  • Landlord outreach and support
  • Relationship building
  • Making evictions a policy priority in ERAP distribution

Tenant-focused interventions

Landlord-focused interventions

Relationship-focused interventions

Prioritizing eviction in ERAP

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