Eviction Laws Report Card for Indiana

A university team has measured up their state’s laws, to see how their landlord-tenant laws, eviction protections, and housing court practices measure up to national standards.

A team of professors and students at the University of Notre Dame Law School has issued a report on the state of Indiana’s eviction laws. The report, “Eviction Protections for Renters: Does Indiana Make the Grade?”, compares Indiana’s landlord-tenant and housing court laws to national standards. It fines many areas of weakness, where Indiana laws and court practices fall significantly behind established principles.

The report uses the ABA’s 10 Guidelines on Residential Eviction Law, passed as a resolution in February 2022, as the national benchmark.

It goes through each of the 10 guidelines, and compares the status quo of Indiana’s laws on the books — as well as the reality on the ground in eviction cases and housing courts — to see how the state measures up. It draws from data about how long eviction cases take, when litigants are in front of the judge; what rights tenants have; how courts are run; and what fees and requirements are put on litigants.

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