COVID-19 Eviction Forms

How can a person get protected under the national eviction moratorium during COVID-19? They need to fill in a Declaration document, as well as making sure they fit the requirements the CDC has laid out. This online tool, COVID-19 Eviction Forms, leads people through this Declaration drafting.

Basic Information

The group A2J Tech (Access to Justice Tech) has created an online tool COVID-19 Eviction Forms. It provides free online tools to help people fill out the official Declaration that lets them make use of the CDC national eviction moratorium.

The tool has a user choose their state. If their state has its own active moratorium, the tool suggests the user seek out local legal aid help in making use of this local protection. If the state doesn’t have its own moratorium, then it brings the user to screening and form-filling tools to create a Declaration.

Program Details

If your state has an active eviction moratorium, it directs the user to a local legal help site.

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