Letter Writer with Local Law for Tenants during COVID-19

A national letter-writing tool for tenants, that integrates local law — during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tenants can use the tool to write a letter that protects their rights and documents their issues — and also send the letter to the landlord.

The team of JustFix (a public interest technology company) and legal/housing advocate organizations, on the website NoRent.org, have created a national tool that tenants can use to write letters to their landlord with locally-applicable law.

To make use of eviction moratorium protections, or to work with a landlord to negotiate payment plans, writing a letter to a landlord is a necessary but intimidating step. It provides official notice to the landlord, which can be useful in future court proceedings. It can also open up negotiations or other ways to resolve problems early.

The tool has a person build a letter through an automated process, in which they answer questions and the letter provides correct legal citations, protections, and language to frame their communication to the landlord.

The tool also lets a person send the letter from the website itself (without having to go to the post office or have stamps). It facilitates communication via email or USPS to ensure the letter gets to the landlord.

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