Eviction Help Flier

Make sure a tenant who has been sued for eviction also knows their options to get help & be prepared for court.

When courts issue summons & complaint packets for an eviction lawsuit, they have the chance to notify the litigants about services that can help them.

What kind of flier can go out with the official court paperwork?

Our Legal Design Lab has been drafting help fliers for courts and other organizations to distribute to tenants worried about an eviction lawsuit.

You can find the editable template for this flier at Canva. You can use this template to localize it to your region.

Find the customizable template at https://www.canva.com/design/DAFLBnFPU-o/1XEf9E0YpSLqzIQgm4YAnw/view?utm_content=DAFLBnFPU-o&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink&mode=preview

This template uses visual design principles to make the person’s options clear. Here are some of the techniques at work:

  • Answer the person’s key question when they get notice of a lawsuit: What can I do? Who can help?
  • Keep the messaging short. It has 3 big points and then a hand-off to a service group that can help a person with more complicated requests
  • It uses big red arrows to point a person to what to do
  • It has the 3 main messages with high contrast: black background and all caps
  • It puts contact information clearly & on different lines, so people can pick up on the numbers and websites easily if they have to type it into their phone

You can customize this specific version of a flier with this Canva template

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