Are you working on building a better coalition of services for tenants at risk of eviction, or who have recently been evicted?

You may try a 1-2 hour Service Mapping exercise to build a better regional coalition & establish a resource directory that different legal, financial, housing, and government groups can use to connect people with local resources that can help them.

Use this online whiteboard on Mural, with a mapping template to do your service mapping

Our team has made a Service Mapping template whiteboard, that you can use on Mural (an online whiteboard application). This whiteboard can help you run a Service Mapping session with your regional group. Find instructions on how to run this session at the How-To Guide from the Eviction Prevention Learning Lab.

How To Guide on running a service mapping session

Here is quick overview of how to do service mapping:

Make this map with a group of stakeholders in your region.

The mapping session is an opportunity to learn about the direct & indirect services that can help a person in need.

Have 1-2 people facilitate this session.

  • 1 person asks the questions & makes sure stakeholders from different groups can highlight their services. Ask followup questions!
  • 1 person takes notes in the colored rectangles & then groups/arranges.

Once you are done with the mapping session, then you can:

  • Clean up the map & screenshot each zone. Share those with the group.
  • Make a referral directory in a Google Sheet or Doc, to share among the group.
  • Write a short strategy memo about key areas for improvement. And a Gap Analysis of where services are missing.

Read more on Service Mapping for eviction prevention: 

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