Transparency laws on rental decisions

The Renter’s Access Act is a recent Philadelphia law that sets uniform guidelines about how potential landlords can screen tenant applicants, including how past evictions would affect this decision.

Philadelphia has instituted new laws to protect tenants as they are applying to rent a home. The Renter’s Access Act is a local law that lets tenants see the reasons that landlords have rejected their rental application.

This law can help protect people who have experienced evictions, to still be able to rent homes without the past eviction experiences (from 4 years before or more) from harming their chances to rent.

The Renter’s Access Act makes explicit what landlords can consider when deciding whether to rent or not — including with limits on looking at a tenant’s eviction history.


The Renters’ Access Act ensures fair access
to housing by creating uniform screening
criteria guidelines for applicants related to
the use of rental and credit history.


The City of Philadelphia is providing this
guidance to rental property landlords and
tenants to support compliance with these
new regulations

The act and its associated resources also includes sample templates for landlords to use in assessing applicants and notifying them of their rights.

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