Using Data to understand your local eviction landscape

Do you want to understand what’s going on with eviction in your region? Use this worksheet to understand your data, your dynamics, and what’s possible to prevent evictions.

The Stanford Legal Design Lab & the National League of Cities has a new interactive worksheet to help you use data to profile your eviction landscape.

See the worksheet for city officials and eviction data:

City officials (and others interested in eviction prevention) can use the worksheet to form an analysis & strategy plan around:

  • The scope of their local eviction crisis in terms of the local filing rate, executed evictions and reasons for eviction filings 
  • The dynamics of the local landlord community  
  • The demographics and risk factors of tenants facing evictions 
  • The economic and housing market factors underlying evictions  
  • The impact of the local housing policy and court processes 
  • Addressing racial inequities in current eviction systems 
  • Existing eviction prevention efforts and the involvement of community partners  

It offers a structure to follow, and data sources to use to do this analysis & make a profile of what is happening with eviction locally.

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