Icons for eviction prevention

Do you need to make visuals for eviction prevention work? This could be outreach fliers, guidance for self-represented litigants, websites, apps, or more. Please use these free icons for noncommercial initiatives, to help make better communication designs for your audience.

Use these free icons to make more effective visual designs about eviction, housing court, and landlord-tenant problems.

The Stanford Legal Design Lab has made various visual designs for better outreach & guides for eviction prevention. As a part of that, we have also made many icons to use in these designs.

We offer them here to be used freely for any non-commercial initiative. You can feel free to use them, remix them, and publish them, as long as it is for a non-profit effort.

In more technical legal terms, we release these icons under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

So here are the icons to use. Please also write to us with requests for other ones that you might need!

Icons for noncommercial use

Court icon for housing court

Use it for:

  • courthouse tasks
  • filing a lawsuit
  • attending court

Moving boxes for eviction icon

Use it for:

  • moving out from your home (rather than be evicted)
  • forcible set out from home (after eviction order)
  • informal eviction, feeling you are forced from your home without an eviction order from the court

Housing assistance icon

Use it for:

  • Subsidized housing
  • Emergency rental assistance
  • Rent payment

Financial Assistance icon

Use it for:

  • ERAP or other rental assistance programs
  • financial incentives for participating in programs
  • housing funds that might be available to landlords, like mitigation

Rent Problems icon

Use it for:

  • Inability to pay rent
  • Lease violation based on nonpayment
  • Money problems

Notice icon

Use it for:

  • a warning notice sent by the landlord to the tenant
  • a notice to quit, or other document that stars off the eviction

Assistance, Lawyer, or Navigator icon

Use it for:

  • a lawyer helping a person with their legal problem
  • a navigator or paralegal service
  • a case manager guiding the person through a problem

Legal Advice icon

Use it for:

  • a legal aid program giving services
  • a clinic
  • a self-help legal group

Settlement icon

Use it for:

  • reaching an agreement between landlord and tenant
  • going to mediation or other dispute resolution program
  • finding a win-win resolution

Court Order icon

Use it for:

  • an eviction order being issued by court
  • landlord giving the sheriff or law enforcement a copy of the order
  • an order being given to the tenant

Official Document icon

Use it for:

  • a summons, complaint, or notice coming from the court
  • a lawsuit starting
  • service of process

Housing Court icon

Use it for:

  • a court hearing about your housing problem
  • eviction court
  • landlord-tenant lawsuit

Court case about money icon

Use it for:

  • a court hearing about your money dispute
  • the ‘second cause’ court process for financial disputes between landlord and tenant

Lawsuit icons

Use it for:

  • jurisdictions that have 2 separate lawsuits for possession of the home & money claims

More icons

Documents or Form icon
Checklist of tasks or Filling in Form icon
Onboarding into services icon
Discovery, Search for Help, or Finding Services icon
Mobile Home or Manufactured Home icon

Services, Tasks, or Checklist icon
Service network, holistic services icon
Covid-19, coronavirus icon
Red flag, warning icon
Users, people, stakeholders icon
Goals, outcomes, metrics, target icon
Money icon
Housing, home icon